Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have played baseball and softball almost my entire life and the only significant injury was a rupture ligament in my glove hand (left) the day before I turned 16. Never really a pulled muscle or strain anything. So I should have known something was up when I pulled my hamstring at the first game of the season. Sat out a few games played one then pulled it again. Never had this happened to me. Fast forward to the end of the season tournament. I am batting third and we are in the top of the first. I get to second base....batter behind me ropes a liner to left field and I take off for third and round it going home. Half way home and the left fielder hits me in the back of the ankle with his throw home...or so I thought. I hobbled across the plate not able to put much weight on my left foot and tumbled to the ground after I scored. I try to get up and need assistance from my teammates. They asked what happened and I tell them that the ball hit me in the ankle....they said no it didn't, the ball was never thrown home. UH, OH!!!
It hurts and I mean a lot. I get ice and put it on while sitting on the bench. I can't play in the field the first inning even though I am supposed to just pitch. I sit there, in pain while my team disposed of the other team. They come in and ask how it is. I try to get up and it shoots pain up my leg. But it is my turn to bat and if I miss my turn it is an automatic out the first time. I can't put pressure on it but I can stand on my other leg and not swing the bat. Maybe the pther pitcher will walk me. I go up the the plate with bat in hand. The opposing manager calls time-out and makes a deal with our manager. he can tell I am in a lot of pain. No out will be called if I don't bat....he doesn't want me to get hurt any worse than I already am.
I go sit down to wait for my wife to get to the game as she was coming to watch anyway. As soon as she gets there, I decide I have had enough...off to the ER.

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