Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All-Star Game

I sat and watched the Home-Run Derby last night and thought...WOW!!! This guy is amazing. He is hitting everything out of the park. Josh Hamilton really put on an amazing show of power and consistency. But that wasn't always the case for him. He was a drug addict and at some pint wished he would never wake up. "There are bigger plans for you," is what his wife would tell him. A modern day prophetess??? Who knows. But armed with Jesus, he knows that all things are possible. Josh Hamilton's story is bigger than baseball and he knows it. It is bigger than him. In fact it is bigger than anything...except Jesus.

I give credit to Josh Hamilton. He isn't shying away from this opportunity. He is soaking it in for all it is worht. And through it all...he is giving glory to God and Jesus for turning his life around. He couldn't do it on his own. The story of Josh Hamilton shows that no matter how low you are, all hope is never gone.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life - Continued

It was a sad state in our house this last weekend....we had nothing to do, nowhere to go. You may ask why that is so sad. You see with nothing to do, we didn't know what to do. Do you want to go to the movies, to the drive-in, out to dinner, rent a movie, play games?!?!? So many choices. We actually came close to an argument over having nothing to do. A definite learning experience for our family.

I hope we get more learning experiences...or at least chances to learn.