Thursday, January 29, 2009

A good start

Well, like a lot of things I do, I started out with this blog pretty well. Then I got busy and just left it by the side of the raod. Typical. Well, part of my New Year's Resolution is to be better at blogging. I don't really believe in New Year's is just a way to feel bad about yourself if you don't achieve the goal. And why do we have to start at the new year. Why not have a February 1st Resolution. Ot a Half New Year Resolution.

My point is that I had though of setting a goal of losing weight bacj in the begining of September. I wanted to do this and thought I would wait until the new year. Then I thought...WHAT!!! Why am I waiting. If I WANT to do this, then Just Do It (thanks Nike). So I decided to do it.

I started in the middle of Sept at 240 lbs. Way too heavy. I was consistent and changed my diet right away. I dropped a great deal of weight pretty quickly and kept it all off during the holidays. A huge accomplishment. As of today, I am at 209. I feel great and I am excited about adding in my exercise now. 31 lbs lost on changing my diet alone. That tells you how bad my diet was.

My advice...if you WANT to do something, don't use the time of year or any other situation as an excuse not to start working toward it. I thought in September that I would gain a bunch of weight back during the holidays. But as it got closer, I felt more confident that I could do it.

So now, the treadmill is coming back in the house from the garage and baseball season is starting. I manager my sons team, so being out on the field doing the drills with the kids will help a lot.

Remember - Live like there is no tomorrow!!!