Monday, January 21, 2008

New line of work - from 1/16/08

New line of work
Well maybe it is new, but additional income. I signed up to be a mystery shopper and went on my first assignment today at lunch. It was easy but kind of stresful. I had to remember all the right questions and I felt bad for the customer service rep. She had no idea that I was pulling her chain. The instructions are to make them think you are buying XYZ product until you suddenly pull out at the last minute. Took me about 20 minutes and I'll get $10 for it. I would have gone to that area of town anyway and they have a good lunch outside the store for really cheap.
I have to fill out paperwork now and call it in, so all in al, I think I will spend about 30 - 35 minutes for pretty easy work. We'll see if I get any other assignments.

Life - from 1/14/08

Seems as though no matter how simple you want to live your just gets in the way!! Gina and I always say how we are going to slow down after Christmas...then after the first of the year....then once we settle into baseball season...then it will be when summer hits...then when the boys are back in school. You know it is just a vicious cycle. Gina just asked me what I was doing and I read her the last part...she started to whimper and said, "It's so sad."
Anyway, even though life is busy, I don't know what else we would do. We would be bored out of our minds if we didn't have all the activities. WOW, that would be cool to try...maybe.

From Sept 1 2005

Entry for September 01, 2005
What is it that drives people to lawlessness in times of tragedy. Is it the helplessness, the stress, the fear of having no control. Probably a little of all, or maybe a lot of all. People seem to lose all sense of reality or right vs wrong or commonsense. These people need help. They need reassurance from people in a position of affect change or take action. why is it taking so long to get relief to this part of our own country. It seems that it didn't take this long to get supplies to other parts of the world. Not that we (the USA) should have neglected our global responsibility to the tsunami, but my word, this is our own country. The richest in the world. Where are the giant corporations. The water companies. Why don't they send in truckloads of water?? I heard that some of the biggies (walmart, automakers) are doing something. Good. Money is only the first step. They will need help getting lives back together.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Switching from Yahoo 360

It may take a day or 2, but I am switch my blog from yahoo 360. Not that anyone reads my blog right now. But who knows. I am just an average guy putting my thoughts to paper...or screen as it were.